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LB-6 VRLA reliability survey and analysis
Contractors: Energetics Inc.
Objective: To obtain a correlation between real world performance of VRLA in telecommunications and other stationary duties and prevailing operating parameters
Project start date: 1998
Finish date: December 2000
Total budget: $189,000
Report due: January 2001

LB-10 RAPS Project in Peru
Contractors: ILZRO/RAPS Peru, Orion
Objective: To bring 24 hour electric power to two villages in the Amazon region of Peru by means of hybrid PV/diesel RAPS systems using VRLA for energy storage.
Project start date: 2000
Finish installation: 2001
Total budget: $2,900,000
Report due: July 2001

CAT 1.1 Applications of catalytic and electrochemical recombination to VRLA batteries in cycling applications
Contractors: CMP, Philadelphia Scientific
Objective: To enhance the state of charge of the cycling active materials while minimizing the rate of water loss from the electrolyte
Project start date: October 2000
Finish date: September 2002
Total budget: $106,000
First report due: April 2001

C 4.1 In-Vehicle algorithm test
Contractor: Optima
Objective: To demonstrate the utility of a recharge algorithm developed in B007.1 B007.2 in a vehicle test
Project start date: October 2000
Project finish date: October 2002
Total budget: $40,000
Report due: December 2002