LB-10 RAPS Project in Peru

Contractors: ILZRO/RAPS Peru, Orion

Objective: To bring 24 hour electric power to two villages in the Amazon region of Peru by means of hybrid PV/diesel RAPS systems using VRLA for energy storage.

ISOLAB42 - A continuation of the RHOLAB project

Contractors: FIAMM (UK) Ltd., EXIDE Technologies, Provector Ltd., University of Sheffield, University of Warwick

Objective: The project ISOLAB42 will build on the development of novel pack configurations for HEV duty, which has proved to be a successful approach in the EALABC Rholab program. In the ISOLAB42 project a similar approach to cell and pack design will be applied to the specific challenge of 42 V system operation, in which string lengths are somewhat less than in full hybrid batteries.