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Keeping Pace Archive

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Keeping Pace Archive

Issue Five 2017

ALABC Lead Battery Energy Storage Workshop held lin London on 24 November 2017

  • ALABC Energy Storage Battery Review Paper Published
  • ALABC Technical Workshop Durham, North Carolina 8-9 November 2017
  • New Project Launched with Ford, Fraunhofer and the Technical University of Berlin
  • New Project Launched with Batterielngenieure, (ISEA), RWTH Aachen University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • ALABC Technical Meetings Scheduled for 2018
  • AABC Europe

Issue Four 2017

Update - Exide Energy Storage Project Launched

  • ALABC meetings in Kuala Lumpur, 19 September 2017
  • 48V Kia Optima Demonstration vehicle to be shown at 2017 Battery Show
  • ALABC North American Technical Workshop, 8-9 November 2017
  • Technical Communication Program Meeting, 9 November 2017
  • 2017 Battery Show, 12-14 September 2017


Issue Three 2017

    ALABC teams up with Crown Battery for battery science project

    • ALABC Technical Communications Program makes progress
    • Significant growth predicted for lead batteries in Chinese low-speed electric vehicles  
    • ALABC meeting reminders 
    • Other battery news

      Issue Two 2017

      ALABC partnering project with US university; Technical
      Workshop in China; and other upcoming ALABC meetings

      • US university to partner with ALABC on solar-powered microgrid
      • Chinese battery makers spur on a lead Renaissance
      • Further ALABC technical workshops in 2017
      • General Assembly: ALABC at BCI
      • Other battery news


      Issue One 2017

      ALABC to Collaborate with OEMs; AABC 2017 Activity; New Technical Workshops; and More

      • Car makers and ALABC give boost to advanced automotive batteries
      • ALABC has strong presence at AABC Europe
      • Submission made to European Horizon 2020 Project
      • Three ALABC technical workshops in 2017
      • Other Battery News


      November 2016

      ALABC Meets Chinese Members to Discuss 2016-18 Projects

      • ALABC Meets Chinese Members to Discuss 2016-18 Projects
      • New Video Highlights Benefits of Advanced Lead Batteries
      • Lead Battery Pioneer Detchko Pavlov Receives Lifetime Achievement Honors
      • In Memoriam: Remembering Battery Veteran Michael Mayer
      • Axion Power Signs LOI with Fengfan to License PbC® Technology


      October 2016

      Projects Underway at Brno, Sofia Kickstart 2016-18 ALABC Program

      • Projects Underway at Brno, Sofia Kickstart 2016-18 ALABC Program
      • EUROBAT Issues Position on EC Roadmap for Batteries Directive


      September 2016

      ALABC Strategy for 1618 Program, ANL Collaboration, ADEPT Achievements, and More

      • ALABC Establishes Clear Strategy in 2016-18 Program for Automotive and Energy Storage Applications
      • East Penn, RSR to Collaborate with Argonne National Labs to Enhance Battery Performance
      • ADEPT Demonstration Project Achievements Confirmed at LCV2016 Event
      • ALABC Accepts Abertax Award for R&D Accomplishments
      • ALABC Continues Support in North America at The Battery Show 2016
      • NorthStar Secures Contract with Daimler Trucks NA to Supply Pure Lead AGMs for Cascadia Models


      August 2016

      Narada Project Yields Positive Results for Lead Batteries

      • Narada Project Yields Positive Results for Lead Batteries
      • Member Spotlight: Mega Amps
      • ALABC and ILA to Maintain Strong Presence at 15ELBC
      • The Battery Show 2016 to Feature ALABC Exhibit
      • Monahov, Pillot to Speak at Batteries 2016 in Nice


      July 2016

      ALABC Recruiting Research Institutes; News from Chaowei, Exide and More

      • ALABC Recruiting Renowned Research Institutes
      • Chaowei Developing Innovative Lead Battery Designs
      • Exide Technologies Expands Fort Smith Operations for Naval Applications
      • Axion Power to Collaborate with China’s Fengfan on PbC Technology Assessment


      June 2016

      ADEPT on Track to Meet Emissions Targets; JCI Expands AGM Production

      • ALABC ADEPT Demonstration HEV on Path to Meet Future Ultra-Low Emissions Targets
      • Johnson Controls Expands AGM Lead-Acid Battery Production
      • Member Spotlight: Powertech Batteries
      • ALABC Exhibits, Supports Lead Battery Track at AABC in Detroit


      May 2016

      ALABC Elects Executive Board, Prepares for New Program

      • Hammond Wins Inaugural BCI Innovation Award
      • ALABC Members & Contractors’ Meetings Set for Sept 12-13 at 15ELBC
      • FEVER Project Builds on ALABC/CPT 48V Concept
      • JCI Partnering with Universities to Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency


      April 2016

      ABC and Axion Partner, ALABC Reviewing 20 New Proposals, Institute Confirms Importance of PbA, and More

      • Advanced Battery Concepts and Axion Power Partner in Technology Assessment Program
      • Member Corner: Consortium Considers 20 New Research Proposals
      • EU Industries Welcome Expert Recognition of Lead Battery Importance
      • AABC to Feature Track on Lead-Based Batteries
      • Member Spotlight: Battery Energy Power Solutions


      March 2016

      ILA and ALABC to Engage Industry Partners at 2016 Events

      • Member Corner: ALABC General Assembly Meeting May 4 at BCI
      • Consortium, Members Among Finalists for Innovation Award
      • ALABC/ILA Delegation Meets with Chinese Battery Producers
      • Exide, Aachen University Partner in Large-Scale Battery System
      • Axion Power Providing ESS for Mobile Application, Power Interconnection


      February 2016

      ALABC Promotes 48V HEV Concepts for Emissions Reduction

      • Member Corner: ALABC Issues RFP for 2016-18 R&D Program
      • ILA and ALABC to Hold Meetings in China February 24-25
      • Hammond Appoints Gordon Beckley as Chief Technical Officer
      • Sponsorship Opportunities Available for 15ELBC in Malta



      Consortium Begins Membership Drive for 2016-18 Program

      (Industry Leaflet Warns of Mixing Lithium Batteries in Lead Battery Recycling Stream)

      (On the Web: Ecoult puts lead-acid back in the game with UltraBattery storage system)

      (Member Corner: Omni Oxide (Addenda) and First National Battery Win Awards for Excellence)



      ALABC Members Approve Prospectus, ILA Collaboration

      (ILA Director Pushes for Stronger Industry Partnerships)

      (Industry Makes Strong Showing at 16ABC in Bangkok)

      (Discussions on Lead-Acid Raise Eyebrows at The Battery Show)

      (Ebonex Seeks Partnership to Develop Bi-Polar Technology)

      (In Memoriam: ALABC Remembers DeLight Breidegam)



      ILA and ALABC to Energize Lead Battery Industry at 16ABC in Bangkok

      (JCI to Extend AGM Capacity to Meet Start-Stop Demand)

      (Black Diamond Execs Receive "Inventor of the Year" Award for Nanomaterial Product)

      (On the Web: The Potential Impact of USEPA's Clean Power Plan on Energy Storage)

      (On the Web: ILA Sets Out Lead Sustainability Credentials in Recent Journal Article)



      ALABC to Participate in USABC Tests, September Events, and More

      (ALABC Invited to Participate in USABC Start-Stop Battery Tests)

      (Consortium Prepares for Major Events in September)

      (USEPA Figures Confirm Lead Batteries as Most Recycled Product in U.S.)

      (Political Dispute over Energy Spending in the U.S. Has Implications for Battery Research)



      ALABC Prospectus for 1618 Program; ABC Wins Innovation Award; ILZSG Market Study; and More

      (ALABC Prepares Prospectus for 2016-18 R&D Program)

      (Advanced Battery Concepts Wins SAE Innovation Award)

      (ILZSG Publishes Study on Lead-Acid Industrial Batteries)

      (On the Web: Batteries Have Important Role in US DOE Quadrennial Energy Review)

      (On the Web: SAE Article Highlights Ford Research on 48V Hybrid Systems, Including ADEPT)



      ALABC Membership at 80; Meetings at BCI; Narada Project Update; and More

      (ALABC Membership Reaches 80 Industry Partners)

      (Members Reminder: Steering and PAM Committee Meetings)

      (Narada Continues ALABC Work on Lead Carbon Batteries for Port Cranes)

      (On the Web: ALABC Submits Congressional Testimony for Advanced Lead Battery R&D for FY2016)



      ALABC Exhibits 48V Demo Vehicles; ILAB-E Announced; EPS Opens Facility; and More

      (ALABC Exhibits 48V Lead Carbon Vehicles at AABC in Germany)

      (ALABC Announces Plans for ILAB-Europe in April)

      (Energy Power Systems Announces New High-Volume Manufacturing Facility)

      (On the Web: Battery Diversity among Top Emerging Issues for New U.S. Congress)

      (In Memoriam: Axion’s David DiGiacinto)



      ILAB Workshop a Success; ABC Wins Cleantech Award; Industry Calls for EU Exemption Exception

      (ILAB 2014 Workshop Opens Doors for Further Innovation)

      (Advanced Battery Concepts Receives Honor for Clean Technology Advances)

      (Industry Calls for Extension of Lead Battery Exemption from EU ELV Directive)



      ALABC Unveils Technical Roadmap at M&C Conference

      (ALABC Leads Meeting of Chinese Membership)

      (ILAB 2014 Preview: Ecoult to Discuss Profitable Multi-Purpose Grid Storage)

      (Axion to Supply Energy Storage and Frequency Regulation for 9.1 MW Solar Farm in PA)

      (ILA to Host 2015 International Lead Conference in Lisbon)



      Kia Puts Lead-Carbon T-Hybrid on World Stage

      (LC SuperHybrid Wins BEEA Green Product of the Year)

      (Doe Run Showcases ALABC NGHV at Missouri S&T)



      Technical Session at LABAT Ignites Industry; ALABC Busy in September

      (Technical Session at LABAT Shows High Demand for Similar Events)

      (LABAT Conference Demonstrates Lead-Acid Industry is Alive and Well)

      (Things to See This Month at 14ELBC and The Battery Show)

      (Member Spotlight: Advanced Battery Concepts)



      ALABC ILAB Workshop; September Events; Membership Updates; and More

      (ALABC to Host New Workshop in November on Innovations in Lead-Acid Batteries)

      (ALABC Active in September with 14ELBC and The Battery Show)

      (Sacred Sun and Furukawa to Collaborate on Lead Carbon Storage Battery Production)

      (ALABC Website Features Industry Employment Opportunities)

      (Member Spotlight: Gopher Resource)

      (In Memoriam: Sally Miksiewicz and Dan Vornberg)



      NGHV Project; Study on Automotive Batteries; LCSH Up for EBAE; New Book by Moseley and Rand

      (ALABC Announces Natural Gas Hybrid Vehicle Project)

      (New Study Confirms Importance of Lead-Based Batteries in Automotive Applications)

      (LC SuperHybrid to Represent the UK in the European Business Awards for the Environment)

      (In Print: Towards Sustainable Road Transport by Moseley, Rand and Dell)



      New Chairmen Lead Strategic Discussions at ALABC Steering Committee Meeting

      (After 150,000 Miles, UltraBattery Civic HEV to Become Mobile Battery Lab)

      (Member Spotlight: Jinkeli Power Sources)



      Kia Unveils Lead-Carbon Hybrid; Jay Leno Demos HyBoost; Doe Run Turns 150

      (Kia Introduces 48V Lead-Carbon Hybrid, Collaborates with ALABC)

      (HyBoost Demonstrator Featured on 'Jay Leno's Garage')

      (Doe Run Celebrates 150th Anniversary)



      ALABC Talks Carbon; Green Hero Honor; Ice Truck and AGM Durability

      (ALABC Talks Carbon Additives in BEST Magazine)

      (ALABC Wins "Green Hero" Distinction from The Green Car Website)

      (Canadian Tire's Ice Truck Demonstrates Durability of AGMs in Harsh Winter Conditions)



      ALABC Takes Aim at 48V Market

      (ILA Reaches Historic Agreement with Chinese Lead Industry)

      (Crown Battery Introduces New Product Line for UPS and Off-Grid)



      ALABC at The Battery Show; ILA Study; Trojan Adds Carbon: and More

      (ILA Study Shows Long-Term Sustainability of Lead-Based Batteries)

      (Trojan Develops Carbon Additive to Extend Battery Life)

      (GM to Replace Li-Ion with Lead-Acid in 2014 Chevy Malibu Hybrid)

      (Axion Touts Success of PbC Batteries for Hybrid Electric Locomotive)

      (Ecoult Makes Global Cleantech Top 100 with UltraBattery)



      ALABC Meetings in Singapore Herald Progress, Change



      ALABC Continues Outreach to Chinese Auto and Battery Industries



      New ALABC Program Attracts More Members

      (Member Spotlight: EnerSys)



      ALABC 48V LC SuperHybrid Attracts Interest at AABC; Axion Secures Major Contract

      (Axion Secures Major Contract from ePower Engine Systems)



      Energy Storage Project Shows VRLAs Can Attain 12-Year Life in PV Applications; UltraBattery Civic Continues

      (ALABC 100K UltraBattery Hybrid Scheduled for Further Duty)

      (Events List)



      ALABC Engages Industry Representatives at BCI Convention

      (East Penn Introduces Breakthrough High-Temperature Battery)



      UltraBattery Inventor Retires; Concorde VRLABs Ideal for Aviation

      (In the News: Concorde Demonstrates VRLA Batteries Ideal for Aviation)

      (Member Spotlight: Xstrata Zinc)



      Lead Carbon Batteries Could Find Niche in Energy Storage for EV Chargers

      (On the Web: Obama's SOTU Address Reflects Changing Reality for Clean Vehicle Market)

      (Member Spotlight: Guangdong Dynavolt)



      ALABC Begins New Program; LCSH Receives Low Carbon Award

      (ALABC and CPT Win Low Carbon Champions Award for LC Super Hybrid)



      ALABC Projects, Members Draw Attention at The Battery Show

      (LC Super Hybrid Survives Super Storm Sandy)



      ALABC Reaches Out to Chinese Battery Industry



      Meetings in Paris Highlight ALABC's Past, Present and Future



      LC Super Hybrid Highlights ALABC Events on World Tour

      (Event News: ALABC Extends Presence at The Battery Show 2012)

      (On the Web: New U.S. Fuel Economy Standards Create Opportunities for ALABC-Sponsored Innovations)



      ALABC Ramping Up Activity with New Website, New Members, New Event Initiatives



      ALABC Draws Attention at AABC in Mainz

      (On the Web: Strong Potential for Lead-Acid Batteries in Grid Storage Can Emerge in US DOE and FERC Activities)

      (Member Spotlight: Exide Technologies)



      East Penn Launches Smart Grid Demo Facility Featuring Lead Carbon UltraBatteries

      (On the Web: Lead-Acid Batteries Not Going Without a Fight)



      BCI Start-Stop Panel Demonstrates Progress by Lead-Acid Industry

      (Ford to Offer Start-Stop to U.S. Consumers in 2013 Fusion)



      Axion Power Receives DOE Grant to Fund Commercialization of LC Batteries for Micro Hybrids

      (JCI Study Shows U.S. Consumers Interested in Start-Stop Vehicles)

      (On the Web: DOE Vehicle Technologies Annual Merit Review Promising for Lead-Acid)



      Project Updates, Change in Presidency Highlight ALABC Steering Committee Meeting



      Forthcoming U.S. DOE Announcements May Present Opportunities for Lead Batteries

      (On the Web: ALABC Lead Carbon White Paper Hits the Mark)



      ALABC PAM Committee Finalizes 2012 Event Plans

      (On the Web: U.S. Battery Policy Blog Finds Interesting Developments in DOE Budget Talks)



      LC Super Hybrid Represents Industry Breakthrough



      European ALABC Demonstration Projects Clearing the Way for Low Cost Hybrids



      Lux Report Boosts Market Prospects for Micro-Hybrids



      Regenstauf Event Provides Positive Outlook for Lead-Acid

      (In the News: China Continues to Bolster Lead Demand)



      Great Expectations for ALABC in 2012

      (In the News: Lead-Acid Batteries Power Transportation Pods at Heathrow Airport)



      New Rules to Boost Energy Storage Market for U.S. Power Grid

      (In Print: BEST Magazine Celebrates 20 Years of ALABC Research)



      ALABC Expands Asian Market Visibility at 14ABC

      (Member Spotlight: The Doe Run Company)



      EnerG2 Contracted to Study Effects of Carbon Additives in Lead Acid Batteries

      (Member Spotlight: Rombat SA)



      Arizona HEV Demonstration Program Preparing for Fleet Tests

      (In the News: Start-Stop Systems Add Efficiency to Conventional Autos)



      ALABC Members Using LC Batteries in Energy Storage Initiatives

      (Upcoming Events List)



      U.S. Fuel Economy Standards Providing Fuel for ALABC Work

      (In Print: Lead-Acid Batteries: Science and Technology, by Detchko Pavlov)



      Technological Advancements Noted at ALABC M&C Meeting

      (Member Spotlight: Banner Batteries)



      Battery Producer Adds Local Flavor to ALABC Membership

      (In the News: U.S. Administration Aims for 56.2 MPG by 2025)



      Grid Discussion Energizes Lead Acid Battery Industry

      (In the News: Germany Prepared to Pay 1 Billion Euros for EV Development)



      Special Edition: U.S. Policy Update



      Steering Committee Touts Progress of ALABC Program

      (On the Web: Remember the Past of the Lead Acid Battery and Look into the Future)



      German Battery Conference Touches on VRLA Markets

      (Member Spotlight: RSR Corporation)



      ALABC to Discuss Optimized Grids at BCI Meeting in May

      (In the News: Ford Energizes Micro Hybrid Market in U.S.)



      Smart Grid Energy Storage Offers Potential for Lead-Acid



      Lead Carbon Battery Could Take Industry to New Level

      (GM to Showcase Chevy Beat EV in India with Possible Lead-Acid Option)



      Advanced VRLA Evaluation Project Could Boost Market Efforts

      (GM Shifting More R&D to China)

      (Member Spotlight: East Penn Manufacturing)



      Challenges to U.S. Policy Could Affect Pb-Acid Battery Industry



      Micro-Hybrids Present Market Opportunity for Lead-Acid



      ALABC Bringing Lead Acid into Mild Hybrid Market