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Lead Battery Research Consortium Joins European Energy Storage Group

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Lead Battery Research Consortium Joins European Energy Storage Group


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Hywel Jarman, Director of Communications (International Lead Association) +44 (0)20 7833 8090; [email protected]

July 9, 2018


London, July 9, 2018:  
ALABC, the global research consortium developing advanced lead batteries has joined the European association promoting energy storage.

ALABC, which conducts pre-competitive research aimed at improving lead battery technology is now a member of EASE, the European Association for the Storage of Energy.

Dr Alistair Davidson, ALABC director, said energy storage is one of the key enablers of decarbonisation and electrification in Europe.

He said: “There are many forms of energy storage, and advanced lead batteries are already providing more than 75% of worldwide rechargeable battery storage. It is clear that the market for renewable energy storage is set to grow substantially and our members are establishing a wide range of electricity storage systems using advanced lead batteries worldwide so we’re able to bring relevant experience to the debate.”

The Secretary General of EASE, Patrick Clerens, said: “We welcome ALABC into membership as part of our aim to support a sustainable energy landscape for Europe. Their research experience and understanding of the global rechargeable battery market brings welcome expertise to our association.”




The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium is an international research co-operative comprised of lead producers, battery manufacturers, equipment suppliers, application developers, and research facilities organized to enhance the performance of lead batteries for a variety of markets, including hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications.  A program of the International Lead Association, ALABC pools the resources of its global membership in order to perform specific research on advanced lead batteries that otherwise would not be possible by any single entity.  For more information about the ALABC, visit


International Lead Association (ILA)

ILA is the trusted and authoritative global trade association for the lead industry. Its member companies are at the forefront of lead mining, smelting and recycling and through ILA are working towards a vision of a sustainable global lead industry that is recognised for the positive contribution it makes to society.