ALABC's current research portfolio includes the Rholab project that started as part of the ALABC 2000 program (January, 2000-December, 2002), as well as some of the projects initiated under the new program which is scheduled to run from January, 2003-December, 2005.

This latest ALABC research has identified a number of modifications that can be made to VRLA batteries to improve their performance significantly under hybrid electric vehicle duty.  The design features, however, have not been tried in combination, nor tested in the field and so the ALABC launched a demonstration phase where batteries with these beneficial features are (i) constructed; (ii) performance tested in the laboratory; (iii) then evaluated in HEVs in the field.  This demonstration phase began in January 2006. 

To date, four companies have delivered the contracted batteries and initial test and performance data are incredibly encouraging.  The new batteries are being supplied by East Penn and NorthStar Batteries in North America; Tudor Exide in Europe; and Furukawa Batteries/CSIRO in Asia.  In addition, ALABC is also supporting the demonstration of a bi-polar lead-acid design from Sweden's Effpower, which is currently being road tested in a Honda Insight.

The buttons on the left link to pages where the status of these earlier research projects, separated by subject area, are discussed. More info on the ALABC demonstration program will be forthcoming.