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ILAB Europe 2015

ALABC European Workshop on Innovations in Lead-Acid Batteries 15-17 April 2015, Wurzburg, Germany

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ILAB Europe 2015

ALABC European Workshop on Innovations in Lead-Acid Batteries 15-17 April 2015, Wurzburg, Germany

Driven by expected changes in the battery markets, the need for innovations in lead-acid battery technology and performance is growing – both for automotive and energy storage applications. New batteries are under development by ALABC members and by non-member companies. Battery makers and researchers meet to share knowledge at the BCI convention, at the European and Asian battery conferences and at the LABAT conference, as well at the yearly ALABC Members and Contractors meetings. Many of them, however, have shared with us their wish to see more regular technical meetings.

This is why the ALABC organized the “Innovations in Lead-Acid Batteries -- Europe” (ILAB-E) workshop from 15-17 April 2015 at the  Fraunhofer ISC in Wurzburg, Germany.


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Our goal is to bring together battery producers and researchers and let them talk about the new needs of the industry and the modern possibilities of researchers and engineers. This might help the industry find answers to its thrilling questions, and will definitely help the ALABC to find the right directions for its next programs. Our second goal is to bring people from the lead and lead-acid battery industries together with potential investors to help boost the transition to advanced batteries. Active discussions are targeted. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

1.       Lead-Carbon batteries for start-stop vehicles and for micro-hybrids 

2.       Improving and demonstrating the performance of advanced storage batteries

3.       The electrochemical system carbon-lead-water-sulfuric acid: science and technology

4.       Additives and design changes which, along with carbon, can improve performance

5.       How to reach 6 A/Ah, 100 Wh/kg, 5 kW/kg, 1M cycles, for less than $200/kWh in 2015?

6.       Broadcast the message “Most environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable batteries”

7.       Quantitative modeling of lead-acid batteries with carbon additives

8.       Who is the boss – the battery, the ISG, the board computer, or the BMS? 


For more information, contact the ALABC offices or email Anita Wright at [email protected].