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Seminar presentations

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Seminar presentations
File LABAT14 HEVB Seminar Info and Agenda
File Presentation #1 (Pavlov)
Brief overview of the development of HEVs and batteries for this application (Detchko Pavlov)
File Presentation #1A (Monahov)
Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Challenge and Future for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries (Boris Monahov)
File Presentation #2 (Meissner)
Reduction of CO2 Emissions and Fuel Consumption in Vehicles Comprising Start-Stop Technology (Eberhard Meissner)
File Presentation #3 (Cooper)
A Cost-Effective Approach to Vehicle Hybridization and CO2 Reductionusing Advanced Lead Carbon Batteries (Allan Cooper)
File Presentation #4 (Albers, Meissner, Hammouche)
Lead-Acid Batteries for Start-Stop Applications (Joern Albers, Eberhard Meissner, Abderrezak Hammouche)
File Presentation #5 (Trinidad)
Vehicle Electrification Roadmap: Benchmarking different battery technologies for the future automotive market (Francisco Trinidad)
File Presentation #6 (Furukawa)
The Flooded type UltraBattery for Micro-HEV Applications (Jun Furukawa)
File Presentation #7 (Albers, Hildebrandt, Bauer)
TC21X Standardization Activities for Start-Stop Batteries (Jörn Albers, Torsten Hildebrandt, Jürgen Bauer)

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Boris Monahov Jun 06, 2014 08:46 AM

Chip, Excuse me for the late reaction. I was not able to process all mails in time. Now I registered and opened the presentations. Everything is easy, looks good and functions smootly, i.e. it is GREAT: Thanks you and Edmund, and congratulations for this good work! Cheers, Boris