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LABAT Conference Demonstrates Lead-Acid Industry is Alive and Well

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LABAT Conference Demonstrates Lead-Acid Industry is Alive and Well

This year’s LABAT Conference provided attendees with a more robust picture of the lead-acid battery industry, as experts from all over the world shared their visions for technological innovation and expanding markets.  The conference, which was held June 10-13 at the Grand Flamingo Hotel at the Albena Resort near Varna, Bulgaria, is traditionally devoted to basic battery science, technology innovation and market growth, but also showed the industry’s potential for further development and a strong future.

The number of participants and speakers increased significantly this year, with 320 registered attendees from 42 countries coming to experience the event.  The event also included an exhibition with over 50 participants from various regions.  The agenda included 68 scientific and technical presentations overall, and covered the following six categories:

1. Lead-Acid Battery Operation - (21 presentations)

2. Lead-Acid Battery Technology - (13 presentations)

3. Lead-Carbon electrodes (i.e. negative electrodes) - (18 presentations)

4. Pb/PbO2/PbSO4 electrodes (i.e. positive electrodes) - (5 presentations)

5. Lead-Acid Battery Modelling - (8 presentations)

6. Lead-Acid Battery Recycling - (3 presentations)

The conference tone was set early when it began with a 25-minute session of three Bulgarian tenors in which they performed opera arias, as well as popular Italian and Bulgarian songs.  The performance inspired all in attendance, and got everyone in a singing mood, including Dr. Paolina Atanassova of Cabot Corporation, who actually joined the singers for their final song.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences awarded Gaston Plante medals to two individuals for their contributions to the industry: Dr. Eberhard Meissner of JCI (Germany) and Dr. Boris Monahov of ALABC.

For information on the conference presentations, including background and photos, visit the conference website at