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Batteries for HEVs Projects

FV Foresight Vehicle project:
Contractors: EALABC
Objective: To demonstrate the use of a VRLA battery in an HEV
Project start date: September 2000
Finish date: 2003
Total budget: $1,834,000
First report: April 2001

C/N 1.1 Advancing VRLA technology for HEV, EV
Contractors: CSIRO, HEPi, ETA, AeroVironment
Objective: To develop a purpose built, commercially viable, VRLA battery which can operate for 100,000 miles meeting PNGV goals for HEVs and be charged safely in less than four minutes.
Project start date: July 2000
Finish date: June 2002
Total budget: $653,000
First report: January 2001