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ALABC 2016-18 Program Overview

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ALABC 2016-18 Program Overview

1618OverviewThe ALABC Overview is a non-technical document that sets out the Consortium’s plans for its 2016-2018 program. The document also assesses the future economic prospects for lead batteries. If the lead battery industry is able to capitalize on the market potential and meet the increasing demands of modern applications, it could experience significant growth in the coming years. However, if there is little or no development into lead batteries, a slow loss of market share to Li-ion and other energy storage technologies can be expected.

A small investment by the lead and lead battery industries, in collaborative pre-competitive research, can provide a powerful stimulus to the industry and will help it to secure the long-term position of lead batteries. To achieve these goals for the 2016-18 program, the aim is an investment by industry of $1.5-$2m per year, excluding core ALABC management costs. The expectation is that this would be bolstered by third-party funding from governments or research agencies.




For companies with a vested interest in the development of advanced lead batteries for current and future applications, membership information can be found on the Contact Us page of the website.