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 Members:  Lead Producers:
  • Berzelius Metal GmbH
  • BMG Metal und Recycling GmbH
  • Britannia Refined Metals
  • H.J. Enthoven & Sons
  • Society De Traitements


  • ITRI, Ltd.
  • Wavedriver, Ltd.
  • ZSW Ulm
 Battery Manufacturers:
  • Accumulatorenwerke Hoppecke
  • Banner Batterien
  • Exide Holding Europe
  • Hawker Batteries Group
  • Varta Batterie AG

Suppliers to Battery Industry:

  • Amer-Sil, S.A.
  • Digatron GmB/Firing Circuits
  • Entek International
  • Technical Fibre Products
 Research Programs:
  Code Project Location Status
 B-001.1 Fundamental Study of the Effects of Compression on the Performance of Active Mass in AGM Batteries Technical University of Brno  Active
 B-006.1 A Review of the State-of-the-Art of the Negative Plate Ken Peters Active
BE1(a) A Study of the Effects of Compressive Forces Applied onto the Plate Stack on the Cyclability of AGM VRLA Batteries Oldham France, S.A., Amer-Sil, S.A., Univ. of Kassel, Hollingsworth & Vose


BE1(b) A Novel Type of Separator for Improving the Life of VRLA Batteries ZSW, Division 3 Active
BE2(a) Design Construction and testing of Optimized Tubular or Strap Grid Batteries With Thin Plates CMP Batteries, Ltd. Active
BE2(b) Influences of Pulsed Charge Currents on Specific Energy, Life & Charging Time of Advanced Tubular EV Battery Design ZSW, Division 3 Active
BE3 Improvement in Negative Plate Performance S.E. Acumulador Tudor Active