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  Code Project Location Status
A-001.1 EV Range & Battery Cycle Life Improvement Through Fast Charging & Partial State-of-Charge Operation Electric Transportation Applications  Active
A-001.3 Establishment of the Distinction between the Beneficial Effects of Optimum Charge Rate & the Limitation of Overcharge Cominco Active
A-001.4 Battery Management System Test Project Sacramento Municipal Utility District Active

Building & Testing an Optimized Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) VRLA Battery Containing Flat Plates with Minimum Paste Density, Optimized Compression & Optimized Active material Thickness on the Grids

East Penn Manufacturing Co.
A-005.3 Optimized Tubular VRLA Battery with High Specific Energy for Electric Vehicle Use Yuasa-Exide Active
A-008.1 Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Test Program Southern California Edison  Active
A-009.1 Inductive/Conductive Fast Charging Demonstration for Heavy Duty EVs Georgia tech. NEETRAC Active
A-010.1 Evaluation of EV Bicycle, Lead-Acid Battery & Charger Performance Under Real World & Laboratory Conditions Noranda Active
B-001.1 Fundamental Study of the Effects of Compression on the Performance of Active Mass in AGM Batteries Technical University of Brno  Active
B-001.2 Extending the Service Life of Lead-Acid Batteries: Development of High Compression Valve-Regulated Designs CSIRO  Active
B-002.3 Development of a Separator System for Maintaining Optimum Compression on Electrodes through Cycling Life of VRLA Batteries Delphi Energy & Engine Mgt. Systems  Active
B-003.4 An Evaluation of Candidate Separators Made from New Material for AGM Batteries & the Improvement of Granular Silica Batteries which can keep the High Compression Japan Storage Battery Active
B-004.1 Comparison of Phases & Microstructures in Battery Cells with Rapid & Conventional Charging & Evolution with Cycling: Using High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Transmission and Analytical Electron Microscopy & In Situ Neutron Diffraction Study University of Chicago Active
B-0005.1 Development of Advanced Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries for Electric Vehicles Trojan Battery Active
B-0005.3 Raising Positive Plate Performance through the Application of Crystal Shape Modifiers & Acid Supply Enhancers in Concert with Appropriate Compression CSIRO Active
B-006.1 A Review of the State-of-the-Art of the Negative Plate Ken Peters Active
B-007.1 Development of Improved Cycle Life by Design of Charge Algorithms Specifically Aimed at VRLA Batteries Bob Nelson Active
B-008.5 Development of a New Expander for the VRLA Battery in Electric Vehicle Applications Hammond Group Active
  B-013.1 Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Bob Nelson Active
BE1(a) Study of the Effects of Compressive Forces Applied onto the Plate Stack on the Cyclability of AGM VRLA Batteries Oldham France, S.A., Amer-Sil, S.A., Univ. of Kassel, Hollingsworth & Vose, DARAMIC Active
BE1(b) A Novel Type of Separator for Improving the Life of VRLA Batteries ZSW, Div. 3, DARAMIC Active
BE2(a) Design Construction and testing of Optimized Tubular or Strap Grid batteries with Thin Plates CMP Batteries, Ltd. Active
BE2(b) Influences of Pulsed Charge Currents on Specific Energy, Life and Charging Time of Advanced Tubular EV Battery design ZSW, Div. 3 Active
BE3 Improvement in Negative Plate Performance S.E. Acumulador Tudor Active