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 Members:  Lead Producers:
  • Berzelius Metal GmbH
  • BMG Metal und Recycling GmbH
  • Britannia Refined Metals
  • H.J. Enthoven & Sons
  • Society De Traitements


  • ITRI, Ltd.
  • Wavedriver, Ltd.
  • ZSW Ulm
 Battery Manufacturers:
  • Acumuladores Autosil, S.A.
  • Accumulatorenwerke Hoppecke
  • Banner Batterien
  • Exide Holding Europe
  • Hawker Batteries Group
  • Varta Batterie AG

Suppliers to Battery Industry:

  • Amer-Sil, S.A.
  • DARAMIC, Inc.
  • Digatron GmB/Firing Circuits
  • Entek International
  • Technical Fibre Products
 Research Programs:
  Code Project Location Status
 B-001.1 Fundamental Study of the Effects of Compression on the Performance of Active Mass in AGM Batteries Technical University of Brno  Active
 B-006.1 A Review of the State-of-the-Art of the Negative Plate Ken Peters Active
BE1(a) A Study of the Effects of Compressive Forces Applied onto the Plate Stack on the Cyclability of AGM VRLA Batteries Oldham France, S.A., Amer-Sil, S.A., Univ. of Kassel, Hollingsworth & Vose, DARAMIC Active
BE1(b) A Novel Type of Separator for Improving the Life of VRLA Batteries ZSW, Division 3, DARAMIC Active
BE2(a) Design Construction and testing of Optimized Tubular or Strap Grid Batteries With Thin Plates CMP Batteries, Ltd. Active
BE2(b) Influences of Pulsed Charge Currents on Specific Energy, Life & Charging Time of Advanced Tubular EV Battery Design ZSW, Division 3 Active
BE3 Improvement in Negative Plate Performance S.E. Acumulador Tudor Active