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ARPA Electric & Hybrid Vehicle National Data Center - A significant sponsor of EV & HEV projects in the U.S., this site offers information on the 7 DARPA consortia working on these technologies
CALSTART - A consortium of technology companies interested in building an advanced transportation industry in California. This site has perhaps the most complete listing of available-for-sale electric vehicles anywhere
CITILEC - European association of cities interested in EVs and member of the ALABC
Department of Energy (US) Hybrid Electric Vehicle Site - Provides an overview of DOE's hybrid electric vehicle program
Electric Vehicle Association of the America's - International non-profit organization working to advance the commercialization of EVs in the US and Canada
National Station Car Association - An association promoting small electric cars for commuting to mass transit stations
Phoenix Chapter Electric Auto Association - Information on EVs including resources, news, showroom and a very extensive EV-related links page
Switzerland, Mendriso: Light Electric Powered Vehicles - This site details a project aimed at promoting LEVs in the private, public agency and business sectors